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Postby Frank99/10 » Tue Dec 18, 2012 7:40 pm

Thanks for the resize, much better.
My 1982 Z-28 came with the YE3 option that included the AM/FM stereo w/8Track ST TP & ERSS for the low option price of $414.00. All I have left is the window sticker and probably a few old photos.
It was not a fast car but my wife sure liked it. Never raced it though.

The 99 I have taken out to Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown but didn't push it hard. Just enough to beat the Bullet Mustang I was put up against. I still have the time slip. I believe it was low 13 and just over 104 mph.
The 2010 I haven't raced yet. Figured I would get some miles on it first but there are so many of them out there racing, I probably don't need to. The only modification I made to it is the exhaust and I doubt that's going to make too much difference. It probably is quicker than the 99 in the quarter but shorter distance the 99 feels faster.
I really like the 2010 for an everyday driver and almost traded in the 99 to get it but decided to wait. Seems every car I sell, I regreat doing so.
The 99 hands down is the most fun and gets the most attention. Only problem is everyone wants to street race it. And I'm a little old for that.
I did take the 99 to Monument Chevrolet to see about a possible trade for the ZL-1 but chickened out, not sure I can do it. They have the one I want though.
I love the Camaros, can you tell ?
Thanks again for the resize on the photos.
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