2000 Camaro v6 3.8 series 2 cold air intake options?

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2000 Camaro v6 3.8 series 2 cold air intake options?

Postby CrimsonViel » Thu Jun 04, 2015 3:08 am

Everywhere I look there are V8 cold air intake systems from Volant SLP and the like with nice air lids that look awesome and sound cool/perform well. However for V6's which is what I have (College student on a strict budget that loves Camaros). There is practically nothing that saves me from deleting the original assembly and showing my radiator which, well just looks gross. On a 2000 you can't snake your regular CAI filter past the relay boxes on the driver side, there's not enough room for it. And with there being essentially nowhere else to run it away from the engine heat the only option is a box made specifically for my V6. Which is evidently impossible to find.

I've settled on buying a K&N air filter to go where my old one is now, but I want a aftermarket lid to go with it if I'm going to bother.

I did see this video of a guys 97 Camaro with that CAI intake ran down past where his assembly would be, I'm not sure what that thing is that's covering the radiator in place of the original assembly, if you know let me know!


Anyway I realize this is a long post, so I appreciate any answers or responses you guys give me, Thankyou!!
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Re: 2000 Camaro v6 3.8 series 2 cold air intake options?

Postby esc » Fri Jun 12, 2015 9:30 am

I'm not real familiar with the CAI options of 4th gens, so I can't really be much help with that.
But sometimes, the best (and least expensive) option is what you can make, not what you can buy.

Also, I'm not a big fan of the CAI's that relocate the intake to the bottom of the car. There is just too much high water in Houston for that, IMO.
But I probably shouldn't be complaining about that. The CAI I made for my Camaro sucks air straight in from the top of the hood and lets plenty of water in if I drive in the rain. But it isn't a daily driver, so that doesn't really matter.
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